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Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Wild Ass

Wild Ass (Indian Wild Ass Wikipedia Article) is an endangered equid found in the desert region of Western India.

Wild Ass is classified as "Endangered" but fortunately their numbers are increasing since having hit a low of ~300 in the 1960's. They live in herds with the alpha male (seen above) controlling a harem of mares and their young. Their behavioral antics are riveting -- the stallions fight for dominance and thus gain rights over the harem.

Seen here is the alpha male [center] with mares and foals [left and right]. The wild ass is a handsome equid with a subtle beige color blending in with the sand of the desert.

A closer look at the alpha shows bite and scratch marks no doubt sustained in dominance bouts with competitors.

The stallion can hit speeds of almost 50 miles per hour and can easily outrun a safari jeep.

The wild ass in gallop showing all four feet off the ground -- this male is a powerful runner and a magnificent representative of the horse family that roams free in its natural habitat.

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