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Saturday, January 1, 2000

Cultural Portraits

The Siddi are African Indians (Indians of African descent) who live in small communities in Southern and Western India (Siddi Wikipedia Article). These youth in the picture are from a village adjoining Gir National Forest, last bastion of the Lion outside Africa -- the Asiatic Lion which previously roamed from Greece through Persia and India.

A friendly bunch, these boys stopped their game of cricket to talk and pose for photographs during a visit to the area in 2006. They represent the descendents of a community that has adapted and thrived in their new home.

Further North, in the Kashmir valley, Gondolas ply on Dal Lake reflecting serenity:

Shikara on Dal Lake

However, in Sumbal, the ancient Nandkishore Temple now abandoned with the exodus of the Pundits from the Valley has been stoned and damaged by militants:

Nearby some youth, oblivious of the trouble, enjoy a dip in the water:

Kashmiri youth in Sumbal

Hopefully the next generation can foster the harmony that once existed in this area.

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