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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Birding the Yucatan: An Introduction

[April, 2016. Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mexico]

Spring Break is the annual ritual that is famous [some would say notorious] for its exercise in rowdy, youthful indulgence enacted with great merriment in warm climes. 

This blogger, in some contradiction to this well established convention, took the family on an "ecotrip" to the Yucatan to not only escape the stubborn winter of Michigan but to also partake of the many delights that the Riviera Maya region has to offer -- including, of course, the area's rich avifauna [in addition to the Mayan archeology and other cultural attractions].

This first post shall serve simply to introduce the reader to the birding locales and a sampling of the species encountered therein. 

Areas birded over the 6 day period:
  • Jardin Botanico (see link here)
  • Muyil and surroundings (more info here)
  • Hacienda Tres Rios (site of the blogger's lodging)
And, without further ado, here are some of the species that will highlight subsequent posts as we attempt to cover the amazing birdlife of the Yucatan peninsula:

First, the stunning Turquoise-browed Motmot seen at Muyil and Chichen Itza:

The endemic Yucatan Jay (observed at Jardin Botanico):

Black-hooded Trogon (Jardin Botanico):

Masked Tityra (Muyil):

And, the cryptic Bare-throated Tiger Heron:

All these birds were Lifers and, while this was not a "birding trip", it underscores the enormous potential for adding a plethora of neotropical species to one's lifelist. Stay tuned!


Bob Pelkey said...

Your occasional non-birding trips continue to afford stunning results, Hemant. Looking forward to your future reports of the Yucatan's sub-tropical wildlife, architecture and culture.

Tom Obrock said...

Awesome Pics. Suspect Pelkey maybe booking a flight.