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Friday, March 1, 2013

Wilson's Snipe & Other Shorebirds

[Sanibel Island and Bunche Beach, FL. Feb 2013]

A trip with Bob Pelkey to the Bailey Tract portion of Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island yielded some choice species including Wilson's Snipe.

Superbly camouflaged, we were fortunate to have a cycling birder who had this cryptic shorebird in his binoculars.
Wilson's Snipe are extremely wary; and, out in the open, the snipe walked slowly into the reeds while crouched low to the ground. .
On the other side of the bay, at Bunche Beach, the common species of the area were observed; such as this Willet.
A dunlin, like the short-billed dowitcher below, was found probing the mud flats.
While small peeps such as this Least Sandpiper scurried about hurriedly in their foraging.
Rivaling the Least for size was the Western Sandpiper:
Oft confused with the Semi-palmated, the latter is usually seen here in Southwest Florida in migration.

A good assortment of our common shorebirds with the out-in-the-open Snipe being the highlight marked a better-than-average day of birding.

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